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Michigan Home Improvement Loan

Get a great interest rate on a Michigan Home Improvement Loan. We can also help you pull out equity or refinance your current Michigan mortgage. Apply online or call one of our Michigan brokers toll free at 858-234-9116

  • Fast and easy process, Bad Credit is OK
  • Increase the value of your home
  • You can use the equity you already have in your home
  • Get a better rate the credit card companies
  • If you just bought your home you can still apply

Why consider a home equity loan for your home improvement needs? Because there's cash in your home! It is far less expensive to borrow from the equity in your home than to pay the high interest rates charged by credit card companies. You can use home equity loans to consolidate debt, lower monthly payments, or to finance major expenses like home improvements, college tuition or a dream vacation. Plus, the interest on home equity loans and lines of credit is often tax-deductible.

Home Improvement Loan you can make your house into the home you've been wanting to own all along. It can allow you to make necessary repairs to your home, modernize your kitchen and bathrooms, build an addition or add the pool you've always dreamed about having. Without using credits cards or risking your life savings you can increase the overall value of your home with a home improvement loan.

A Home Improvement Loan is a form of credit in which your home serves as collateral and has a fixed interest rate and term, therefore your payments stay the same.

We have many options when it comes to Michigan Home Improvement Loans. You may use all or part of your improvement loan for home improvements. Whether you need minor repairs or extensive remodeling, or a new patio you can give your family a safer more comfortable home with a Michigan home improvement loan.

There are no major restrictions on the type of improvements to be made within the boundaries of major building codes. Depending on the extend of the project, and the specific loan program, you typically have a choice of doing the work yourself, or using a licensed contractor.

There is no equity is required. A program is available whether your home has equity, or not. The maximum amount can go as high as 125 percent of the value of your home. This financing program is a fully amortized, fixed rate 2nd mortgage. Placed in 2nd position on the property title, there is no affect on the terms of the existing 1st mortgage. You may choose a term from 5 to 25 years. The minimum amount is $15,000 unless stated otherwise on the application.

  • Purchase your home and finance the improvements in one loan.
  • Programs with up to 125% of the appraised value.
  • Conventional rates available

Contact us today, so we can help you get the finance process started. If you are going to finance home repairs, keep in mind that you must arrange your financing before you start the home improvement construction.

As professionals in the mortgage lending industry, we have built our reputation on providing outstanding service to our clients. That means you can count on us to always look out for your best interests and to keep you informed throughout every step of the lending process. Please do not hesitate to call if you have questions about the information you find here on our web site.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact or us at (888) 694-0455 X85 or apply online.


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